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Being the Smelly Neighbours

Happy that this week is almost over after a fever, conjunctivitis and a broken laptop. Work has been better. M has been a lot more approachable for me and in a better mood. E and I get along really well so the home is going well. I do love our little house. Last Sunday we splurged on $1 for half a kilo of steak to make something of a ‘Sunday Roast’ and even managed to make some gravy and it was DELICIOUS! So getting used to what to cook. Plus our yard has sprung up with all of these vegetables, we’ll have pumpkins soon. Could probably set up a market stand.

No longer have the dogs. After being told off for walking them too close to a mosque (which I didn’t realise was a mosque, thought it was a building under construction) and then when taking them for walks and being yelled at when they stop for a #2 (which mind you all of the stray dogs do everywhere, but because they are not on a lead its no problem) and then the cost of feeding them and the time it takes to cook for them as well as us……well it wasn’t working out. The sister at the mission expressed interest so they live there now, hopefully being treated ok. She was very proud yesterday when I went to visit as she was cooking them dagaa for breakfast (she doesn’t usually cook at all) and she’ll actually pat them and had me write down their names so she doesn’t forget, so hopefully she genuinely likes dogs.

The rotten-egg fart burps returned a few weeks ago so that was fun. Think that was an ongoing bout of giardiasis from before I returned to Oz but seems to have finally gone. Being sick was a good chance to look around the medical centre and I ended up sitting in the front office window where people come for their medications and to report their diagnosis. There were some surprised faces when people came to my window. The fever was not a high point of my stay and hope I never have that again. Poor me.

A new policeman arrived in town a few weeks ago to oversee the Form 6 exams and has stayed on to work at the station here. I think everyone in the village is aware of his beauty (and as it later turned out, he is also) because when we talk to any of the girls at the sewing group about him they all know exactly who we’re talking about. He was all very gentlemanly when we shamelessly visited him at the station and he was telling us about the job and ‘human lights’ and how he ‘roves human lights’ but a few days later E and I went for drinks with him and a couple of the teachers and turns out he is not so perfect and tried to convince me to plan to be engaged with him and I told him if he could wait 6 years until I am ready then I’d write a contract saying what he would have to do i.e. washing, cleaning and he kindly offered to teach me how to do those things. When I said I knew how, I just didn’t want to do it he said its fine, he’ll get me a house girl. What a charmer. So anyway he is convinced we will get engaged though after a few more drinks he was confused whether he loves me or E.

My Kinyaturu name is going well, people now ask me when the rain will come and are very excited when my predictions are correct or if someone asks for rain and I ask what time they want it at and say I’ll try and it does rain that always goes down well. New career as a weather girl.

Our lovely neighbour, never stops working, came around last week with a ho and dug a hole for our rubbish and tidied up a bit (we’d started a compost heap which was really just a rotten smelly pile of crap in the end) and turns out we are the smelly neighbours and the smell had forced her to take action haha so embarrassing but we told her we are ‘learning Tanzania’ as with the kerosene stoves when we complained they were rubbish and M opened them to discover practically half a tree growing in there. Now I am going to her house some arvos to teach her and a few other people who may pop in some English. One of the girls is one of the girls sponsored by the org. She is lovely. Though in yesterdays lesson on verbs I wrote on the board ‘eatting’ … 2 t’s but thought I’d let it slide so I didn’t look like a complete tool. Don’t realise how much I rely on spell check.

Speaking of tools, E, M and I ploughed our garden last weekend which looks great now and are growing pumpkins, found loads of extra banana trees that were hiding in the huge weeds, plenty of tomatoes and have planted basil, sweet corn and capsicums. After one days work I was blistered and we had sore thighs for several days. Not the ideal Tanzanian housewife but I’m getting there.

Last week we went to the chipsi mayaii stand where there is a bar but we never usually go there to drink as it is quite the lads bar. But finally the 3 of us braved it and it turned into a really good night. Luckily I’d come prepared with my uno cards and that was a hit. We had quite the motley crew of friends including a guy in a shuka therefore named Maasai, a guy they all called Al Quaida and then father Krismasi. I am certain there is one santa hat that is passed around the village and want to start a collection of photos to put together a ‘where’s wally’ style book.
I had a nice weekend by myself and barely left the house. Explored some of the lollies being sold around and stumbled across a chocolate flavoured lolly pop that almost does the trick to keep a craving at bay. Sundays we also have home delivery of mandazi, a kind of donut only less flavoursome but when it’s a snack type food delivered to your door im not going to say no.

That’s about all here, storming most days which is nice, I’m not looking forward to having everything as dry as when I arrived – though washing will be easier and nice not to have clothes/towels smelling of mildew. Planning some travels for Easter and some public holidays so I don’t get too bored being in the one spot. So that’s exciting.

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